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The Trinity Lutheran Christian School Kindergarten program is a blend of learning and fun designed to create lifelong learners and to prepare students for the remainder of their school years.

Our Kindergarten program is composed of two classes, each with its own teacher and a shared instructional aide.  It is a full-day program with before and/or after care options.  The students are taught in a safe and nurturing environment and enjoy a small class size with individual attention.  Our teachers are caring individuals who desire for each child to be successful as they enter their first years of school.

The academic program is rich and interactive with hands-on learning activities, everyday use of the interactive white board, and individual iPads.

The goal of our Kindergarten program is to educate the whole child by providing the physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects necessary for a well-rounded and successful education.  Because of this goal, the students are involved in Christian Education and Christian character development each day and six specials, each occurring once a week.  The specials are:  Art, Computer Lab, Library, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish.  Along with these specials areas, the students also have access to our Resource Specialist, School Counselor, and School Nurse.

Find Out More

Find out more about our Kindergarten program by requesting a Free Educational Success Consultation with the Lower School Educational Director.   We focus on your goals as parents as your children progress through their education.  We encourage both parents to attend the consultation.  Call 410-679-4000 ext. 185.


  1. Individualized attention is given to each child, allowing for enrichment and remediation.
  2. Conflict-resolution and problem-solving skills are modeled, fostering Christian character development.
  3. Hands-on activities ae used for each “subject.”
  4. Interactive white-board and iPad use every day.
  5. Math is presented in “real world” and engaging activities, using a variety of manipulatives.
  6. Reading for fun, as well as vocabulary development.
  7. Children’s work is prominently displayed.
  8. Students are encouraged to write often using journaling and story-writing.
  9. Activities are varied throughout the day. Time is given for play, group time, and focused attention to a task.
  10. Safe, nurturing, loving and caring environment, where children and parents look forward to school.