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Middle School

Students in the Middle School receive daily instruction in each of our Core Subjects:  Christian Education, Language Arts which includes reading and discussing novels, spelling, writing, and grammar, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Each subject is taught from a Biblical world-view.  Students learn how to apply God’s word in all areas.

Our Middle School Faculty is comprised of highly qualified degreed teachers who specialize in their fields, with many years of teaching experience.  They are all active in their Christian Faith and serve as role models for their students.  They are committed to teaching their students in a loving and nurturing environment.

Specialized Classes
We believe in a well-rounded education.  Along with their Core subjects, the Middle School students enjoy six “specials” during the week:  Art, Computer Lab, Library, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish.  The special area classes are once a week and are taught by teachers specially trained in their particular area.

Enrichment Activities
Middle School students at TLCS also enjoy the Accelerated Reader program, IXL Math, Science Explorers Club (Grade 5 – a once a week after-school program with separate fee), and can participate in our Intramural Athletic program for soccer, basketball, cross country, and cheerleading with a separate fee.  Students in grades 6-8 attend a 3-day Christian Retreat at Black Rock Retreat Center in Quarryville, Pennsylvania.  Students in grade 8 also participate in a 3-day trip to Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown in April before their formal graduation ceremony in May.

Before and/or After Care Program
This program is for families that need to either drop off their student(s) earlier than the regular arrival or pick-up later than the regular dismissal.  Before-Care usually includes breakfast and various activities and games.  After-Care includes a snack, study hall and activities that include outdoor play and/or gym activities, games, crafts, Science and nature, and drama and dance.

Students in grades 5-8 participate in performance and non-performance electives.  Performance-based electives may include chorus, drama classes, hand bells, liturgical dance, African drumming, sign language, human video.  Non-performance based electives may include chess, STEM, drafting, crafts, graduation, High School Placement Testing, review classes, world language exploration, Accelerated Reader, sports, book binding, computer, etc.  Performance based electives prepare students for participation in the Christmas and Spring programs, Chapel and the school musical production in March.

Middle School Christian Education Classes

Trinity Lutheran Christian School uses the Association of Christian Schools International Bible Curriculum.  This Bible series focuses on the Foundational teachings from the Bible about the nature and character of God, the qualities of His people, and His church.  Students are given an overview of the Bible, with an emphasis on God’s attributes, biblical characters, the early church, and what it means to know Jesus Christ and live for Him.

Students attend chapel services every Wednesday and religion classes on the other days of the week.  Our Bible program consists of teaching character traits in grade 5, an Old Testament survey class in grade 6, a New Testament survey class in grade 7 and a Life Application class in grade 8 that teaches students the Biblical worldviews of family and society and contrasts them with other popular worldviews.  As a Christian school, we are teaching students to think and act in accordance to scripture whether they are studying math, science, literature or history.  Our purpose is to impact the heart of every student with the truth of God’s word, inspiring them to live out their faith.

Teachers’ Morning Daily Devotions
Every morning, the Middle School Director and staff meet for a short devotional and prayer time.  The staff takes turns leading the devotional and then there is a time of prayer for special requests and for the staff and families of our school.