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Choosing a child’s educational foundation is the responsibility of parents.  It is one of the most important decisions a parent will make for their child.  In the formative years of life, Kindergarten-Grade 8, with whom will your child spend their nearly 11,000 school hours?

Important considerations are:  will your child’s school meet your goals and the needs of your child?  Will your child be worked with as an individual and be challenged to achieve the best academic success?

Please visit our website for help in considering these and additional questions.  Call us at 410-679-4000 ext. 185 so we can schedule a Free Educational Success Consultation where you can learn more about our meeting your family’s unique needs.

How To Apply

  1. Schedule a Free Educational Success Consultation with us! This is simply a conversation wherein you share your goals and needs for your child and we respond as to our ability to meet your expectations.  We are dedicated to assist you in making one of the most important decisions you will make for your child.  During the consultation, you have the opportunity to tour the school and ask as many questions as needed to feel confident that Trinity Lutheran Christian School has what your family is seeking.
  2. Schedule an opportunity for your child to shadow at Trinity Lutheran Christian School as a student and get a personal feel for what a day is in the life as one of our students.  (Optional)
  3.  Complete a few simple forms and submit a registration fee. (Apply online or at the school office.)
  4.  Apply for Financial Aid, if applicable.
  5. Submit a transcript release to your former school permitting records to be received by TLCS.
  6. That’s it!

Ready to schedule an Educational Success Consultation?  Call 410-679-4000 x 185.

Non-Discrimination Policy

We welcome students with differences based on, but not limited to, gender, economic background, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, and disability (when reasonable accommodations for the disability can be made.)

Inclusive Tuition

The Trinity Lutheran Christian School features a very unique Trinity Advantage – “Inclusive Tuition Fee.”  Everything is included in our “Inclusive Fee” except lunches grades 1-8, uniforms, and some aspects of our Sports Program.  Inclusive items include iPads Kindergarten – Grade 5, individual Tablets for grade 5, Laptops grades 7-8, Accelerated Reading, Math, Science for Kindergarten – Grade 8, Black Rock 3 day retreat, field trips, Band grades 4-8, 8th grade Williamsburg Trip and much more.

For current tuition rates, please call the school office 410-679-4000 ext. 185 to schedule an Educational Success Consultation.