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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to give my child a Christian-based education?

Christian school education has a feature that is simply not available in any other form of education anywhere in the world.  A Christian school is the only academic institution where the evangelical Christian witness to students is central to its mission.  That foundational mission is encouraged by Trinity Lutheran Church, the School Board, School administration, and every teacher; it is encouraged by parents and by the students themselves.  Martin Luther said, “I would advise no one to send his child where the Holy Scriptures are not supreme.”

Is Trinity Lutheran Christian School approved by the state?

Yes, Trinity Lutheran School is approved by the Maryland Department of Education, and the Preschool is also licensed by the State of Maryland.  We are also accredited by the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation.

Are your teachers certified?

Our faculty has, at minimum, a four-year college degree, while several also hold an advanced degree.

Does my child have to be Christian to attend Trinity Lutheran Christian School?

No, a family or student does not have to be Christian to attend Trinity Lutheran Christian School.  We accept students from other faith traditions with the understanding that we believe that the basis of all teaching is God and His Word.  Our desire is that each student would proclaim Jesus Christ as his/her personal Lord and Savior through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We seek to nurture and train our students toward the goal of growth in godliness of character and action, and to encourage a deepening faith and personal relationship with our Lord.  The study of God’s Word is a vital element in the life of a Christian, and Bibles are used daily in our classrooms.

Our students also participate in regular chapel attendance.  Chapel is a special time set aside each week for worship, praise, and sharing God’s message.  We may invite special guests, pastors, and speakers to share and to teach.  Individual classes may also participate by presenting programs to share with the rest of the school.  Chapel attendance is mandatory for all students, and we invite parents and families to attend.

Do you have to be members of Trinity Lutheran Christian Church to attend your school?

No.  While the school is located on the property of Trinity Lutheran Church and is operated as a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church, the school welcomes families from throughout the community to enroll.  More than 32 different churches are currently represented in our student body and only 40% of students enrolled attend Trinity Lutheran Church.

When is the first day of school?

Trinity Lutheran Christian School generally begins at the end of August prior to Labor Day Weekend.

Are there any scholarships or financial aid programs available?

Yes.  Trinity Lutheran Christian School offers financial aid to families who apply through FAST.  For more details, visit our tuition and financial aid page.

What are the hours of your school day?

Kindergarten – grade 8 classes are held Monday through Friday, 7:50 am – 3:30 pm for Middle School and 8:15 – 3:20 for Lower School.  Preschool is open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Do you have before or after school supervision?

Yes.  Before school care is available from 6:30-8:00 am.  Our after school program is available from 3:15 – 6:00 pm.  Enrollment applications are available online or in the school office.

How will you ensure the safety of my child while at school?

Trinity Lutheran Christian School provides comfort and security with campus security cameras capturing smiling faces and hard-working students from the moment they step on campus until the time they leave.  Entry into buildings is controlled by key card access and all parents and visitors must check in at the school office before being allowed entry into the buildings.  Recess takes place in a secure playground area with proper supervision of all students.  Trinity Lutheran Christian School is designed to be a safe learning environment.

What kind of curriculum do you use?

We utilize a variety of curriculum programs to offer the highest quality of education without sacrificing the Christian values at the heart of our school  We use curriculum programs from a variety of publishers, both Christian and non-Christian.  We welcome parents to examine our curriculum and to ask questions or share concerns.

Will my child receive an iPad as a student at Trinity Lutheran Christian School?

We believe that technology is a fundamental necessity for learning today.  As such, Trinity Lutheran teachers and students use iPads, Tablets and or laptops and computers regularly.  All of our students, beginning with our kindergartners, will use iPads in their classrooms and visit our Computer Lab.  Our middle school students enjoy the use of Tablets issued to them in grades 6, and laptops for grades 7 and 8.

Are there uniforms?

Yes.  Uniforms must be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara or from our “slightly used” uniform inventory.

How much is the tuition and fees for next school year?

To obtain our tuition & fee schedule, and to learn about financial aid, please schedule a Free Educational Success Consultation with one of our administrators.

How is Trinity Lutheran Christian School Funded?

Trinity Lutheran Christian School is funded through tuition and generous donations from the members of Trinity Lutheran Church and friends of the school.

I would like my child to attend Trinity Lutheran Christian School, what do I need to do to apply?

For more information, visit our Application Process page or contact our Admissions Office at 410-679-4000 ext. 185.