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Separate chapel services are conducted each Wednesday in the Church Nave for Pre-School through grade 4 and grades 5-8.  Their services are conducted by the headmaster and feature a great deal of involvement from staff members and students alike, along with occasional guest participants.

The 4th and 5th Grade Choruses participate on a regular basis, as does the Middle School Drama Club.  A song leader and musical accompaniment assist in leadership.  The message or theme of the day is frequently presented through multi-media resources such as videos, DVDs, and a PowerPoint format.  Each school grade class presents the message one chapel a year.  There is a strong emphasis on student involvement in a celebration atmosphere of joy.  At all times, a proper worship spirit and reverent attitude toward God are maintained.

Worship services of praise are observed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Lent, Easter and other festivals.  A major component of all chapels is to lead a student to faith in Jesus, God’s Son, and to provide opportunities for the students to experience their love of God by a loving involvement with their fellowman.

Special projects and offerings are prepared by our students to experience their love for humankind, such as food baskets for the poor, special offering for Tsunami victims, Day of Hope, care packages for our military and others.

The Middle School chapel celebrates Holy Communion each month and Baptism when requested.  Instrumentalists and soloists from our musical and band programs accompany services.

Every TLCS class opens and closes each day with a prayer in the classroom.  Daily devotions and Pledge to the Christian and American Flags are also part of the morning routine.  There is a daily emphasis on Bible stories, Bible verses, Christian living with our neighbors and application to daily life.

The families of our school system are always invited and welcome to all the weekly chapel and worship celebrations of Trinity Lutheran congregation.