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Christian Character Explained

A national evaluation of charter education programs published in 2010 by the National Center for Education Research, part of the Federal Department of Education, followed seven popular elementary school programs over three consecutive years.  It found no significant impact at all from the programs – not on student behavior, not on achievement, not on school culture.

The Summary:  Secular Education Is Not Getting The Job Done.
In contrast, surveys show that Christian School graduates are from 30% to 70% more successful in all of life.  A ten year study released by the US Department of Education in 2013 revealed that 62% of students attending Christian School graduate from college compared to 31% for public school.  They excel both in Christian character and academics.

Academics, as life itself, falls flat when there is no Christian Character.  We teach morality that is grounded in God’s Word, with a focus on loving and caring for others as Jesus instructed.  For instance, the Bible teaches “truthfulness is the only policy” while the secular world says “truthfulness is the best policy.”

Trinity Lutheran Christian School recognizes that young people are a “work in progress” as they develop into mature Christians; therefore, their purpose is to provide an environment which fosters Christian maturity.  We believe our Student Honor Code supports the development of Christian Character in every area of the student’s life.

  1. I will abide by the rules and policies of Trinity Lutheran Christian School as presented in the Parent/Student Handbook.
  2. I will support the Christian and educational values established by Trinity Lutheran Christian School.
  3. I will respect authority.
  4. I will treat everyone equally and with respect.
  5. I will respect myself, students, staff and the TLCS property.
  6. I will be honest and speak the truth.
  7. I will display good citizenship at all times at school and life.
  8. I will display academic integrity.
  9. I will be mindful of how I speak and what I say to others.
  10. I will assume responsibility for my attitude and actions.

In short, no Christian school has perfect students, but Trinity provides students with strong character and knowledge.