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The Headmaster of Trinity Lutheran Christian School is a full-time Pastor who is available to meet with students and parents as needed.

A full-time Christian Counselor provides individual counseling, classroom guidance lessons, small groups and mediations.  A Buddy program, Christian Character Education Program, Title I Program, Disability Awareness Day and a Career Fair are offered.  The counselor works with students, teachers and families to help them and our students with any needs they may have to create an environment which promotes student achievement.

A full time Learning Resource Teacher provides support with students with special learning needs, who have been identified with IEP’s/Service Plans.  Specific intervention programs are offered to students who have special needs for reading, written language, and math instructional remediation.  We advocate, evaluate and remediate for our students.  A group of qualified adults under the direction of our Learning Resource Teacher are used to augment our program.

Students can schedule appointments with our counseling staff, or parents may request a meeting with their student.

To learn more about the benefits of a Christ centered education, schedule a Free Educational Success Consultation with our administrator.