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Spiritual Life to Biblical World View

We believe God’s Word speaks to every area of life, and that the illusion of a sacred-secular split is a false ideology.  Our greatest goal is to present the truth – in fact and in philosophy.  We believe learning is being able to judge correctly and use appropriately, the facts and formulas.  It is knowing how to respond with Godly thinking to what is presented, in whatsoever form.  It is having the tools to live a Christ-like life.

Trinity Lutheran Christian School Program:

We use a variety of means to raise up kids in Christian character such as:

  • Weekly Chapel – Pre-School/Lower School and Middle School
  • Bible Classes Kindergarten – Grade 8
  • Daily Student Devotions
  • Daily Staff Devotions
  • Community Service Programs
  • Cross Curriculum integration of Biblical Worldview

Biblical Worldview Development 

  • As a Christian we know the worth of every human being as created in the image of God and treat people with respect, dignity, grace and truth.
  • As a Christian we know that work has dignity as an expression of the nature of God, and that any work done as unto the Lord is an act of worship.
  • As a Christian we understand that all thoughts and choices have consequences, some positive, some negative.
  • As a Christian we have developed a hunger for God and His Word.

Christian Education Values

Our Core values are to follow the lifestyle of our Savior Jesus Christ which is fundamental to providing children with a Christian education. We emphasize the following Christian values in contrast to secular values:

Christian Community Values
Prepared to Serve
Fulfill your calling
Truth is absolute, you pursue it
Lose your life, then you will find it
Celebrates-kindness, respect, modesty
God is the only source of true meaning
The world is ordered and held together by a loving God
The word of God and the souls of men are eternal
Motivated by advancing the Kingdom of God
Life is a mission, “How can I help?”

Secular Community Values
Prepared to compete
Fulfill your dreams
Truth is relative, you decide
Live for yourself
Celebrates-independence, protecting your rights, sensuality
God is irrelevant
The world operates on the principle of random chance
Nothing is eternal and transcendent
Motivated by personal gain
Life is a business transaction. “What do I Get?”