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Office Staff

The Trinity Lutheran Christian School and Early Learning Center are served by dedicated professionals who are deeply committed to its ministry.  Many of the staff can personally testify to their enthusiasm for TLCS and ELC due to the personal experiences of their student’s attendance at Trinity Lutheran.  They are:

Photo of Pam Wiechec
Office Manager
Work Phone: 410-679-4000, ext. 100

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I enjoy being part of such a wonderful School and Early learning Center.  It’s great to see the children and students grow throughout the year.  Being a part of the school office gives me the opportunity to work with great staff, teachers, parents and students in a Christian environment.  I love the fact that Trinity continues to invest in technology and evolve.  Our son attends Trinity and we have been so pleased with the school, the teachers and the administration.  With all the activities in school throughout the year, time passes quickly.  Each month is filled with different happenings.  There is always something to look forward to at Trinity!

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Photo of Beverly Reed
Office Professional/Admissions
Work Phone: 410-679-4000, ext. 185

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Working at Trinity Lutheran Christian School and Early Learning Center is important to me because it gives Trinity’s students the opportunity to grow in God’s love and to know that they are important to Him.

Trinity Lutheran School was an important part of my family when our children attended the pre-school classes through Kindergarten.  My grandson is an alumnus who attended Trinity from the 2 year old class through eighth grade.  Trinity has always prepared the children in our family to be ready for the next step in their education.

I feel that working in the School and Early Learning Center office, allows me the opportunity to share God’s love with them.

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Photo of Terrie Perry
Office Professional

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The very first thing that I noticed about TLCS was the genuine kindness towards each other and commitment to the students with which each one of the staff glowed.  No need for words, these folks very obviously love their jobs, were impressively talented, and humbly served in their tasks.  It simply feels good to be here.  From time to time, I remain amazed at how all of these wonderful people ended up in one very blessed environment.  And then I smile, very happy to be one of them.

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Photo of Carol Schafer
Office Professional/School
Work Phone: 410-679-4000

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I love the support the teachers provide for each other.  We have fabulous facilities that are kept clean.  But most of all, I love being able to share the love of Christ with everyone; students, parents and teachers.

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Photo of Judy Jester
Office Professional/Bookkeeper
Work Phone: 410-679-4000, ext. 181

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I have really enjoyed my 23 years as an employee of Trinity Lutheran Christian School.  The staff has always been supportive and willing to work along with me whether in the classroom or office.

I have always found the administration to be understanding and fair which allows for a safe and happy work place.

The students and staff are polite and friendly which creates a friendly atmosphere. I really can’t imagine being anywhere else!

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Photo of Ed Smith IV
Technology Support Technician
Work Phone: 410-679-4000 x125
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Photo of Debbie Charbonneau
Human Resources
Work Phone: 410-679-4000, ext. 117

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It gives me great pleasure to be able to say I am a staff member at Trinity.  My position as Human Resource Manager gives me the chance to work and collaborate with the administration, teachers, child care and church staff.  God has blessed me with many opportunities, but my most precious has been working here at Trinity.

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Photo of Ralph Snider
Facility Manager
Work Phone: 410-679-4000, ext. 101

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Trinity provides a safe and clean place for staff and students.  I enjoy being a part of making that happen.

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