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What People Are Saying

“Trinity is a safe and caring learning environment. The teachers and staff genuinely care about the students. The solid Christian foundation is aligned with our family’s values. The curriculum taught is definitely above public school offerings.”

“Good education, good reputation, Christian values, parents that care, reasonable costs, class size, variety of classes.”

“Trinity offers a safe, loving, caring, Christian atmosphere where children are free to worship God and excel at learning.”

“Diversity in the students ratio, staff are professional, genuine and caring, and my child is truly receiving a Christian, bible-based education.”

“The genuine care of the teachers for my child’s education and overall well being.”

“Quality teachers/quality education. We enjoy the school facilities. Administrators/staff/faculty have a great collaborative relationship with our family. My child enjoys attending the school.”

“The instructors have a passion about teaching the children. They believe in challenging our children. They will assist parents with additional information that will enhance your child’s abilities to excel not just in class but out of class as well. So far, every instructor my son has had pushes my son to excel just like me and I love it that we both are on the same page. I want my son to be an ‘A’ student and encourage him as the instructors do.”

“Christian based education, small class sizes, dedicated teachers, family oriented, challenging curriculum, which includes core subjects, music, art, computer, and foreign language and sports offered.”

“A loving, nurturing Christian environment where my child can grow spiritually and academically.”

“Fabulous caring staff, great Christian character building, and strong academics.”

“Small class sizes, Christian education, clean and caring environment, family atmosphere. I know that every member of the staff really cares about my daughter and her well being.

I love Trinity Lutheran School, my child was a little behind academically and within weeks he showed huge improvements and is more advanced than most kids his age. He loves coming to school every day and the staff members are so nice and friendly. Also, their curriculum is excellent and they keep the kids active and occupied all day long.” I would highly recommend Trinity Lutheran to as many people as I can.”

Jeremy Griffith
Jeremy Griffith, TLCS Graduate

Trinity Lutheran Christian School provides a nurturing, family oriented atmosphere. This is then perfectly blended with challenging academics and various extracurricular activities. As a former student, I can say that Trinity has left a big impression on my life. Because of this, I still am very involved with Trinity even though I have graduated. My fellow classmates and I still come back to Trinity all throughout the school year to help our former teachers; mainly with the drama production in the spring. In addition, because of Trinity almost all of my classmates and I got into our first choice of high school, thanks to our well educated and quality teachers that challenged us and brought out our full potential. A family oriented Christian atmosphere, perfectly blended with a rigorous challenging academic environment — that’s the definition of the Trinity Lutheran School System.

Jeremy Griffith
TLCS Graduate

The Oguhs
Oguh Family, TLCS Parents and Students

The mission statement of Trinity Lutheran Christian School & Early Learning Center to “Seek to glorify God By: providing the best academic education; presenting lessons in the framework of biblical truth; and preparing students to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives,” is not just a slogan but the core foundation of the school’s belief. How do we know this? We see the evidence of this belief in the spiritual and academic lives of our children who are currently attending the school. This has culminated in our plan to send our youngest child there too. We believe that educating young minds is a partnership between parents and teachers and TLCS has excelled in providing such a partnership for us. The teachers are committed to assist us in the academic, social, moral, and emotional welfare of our children. Their actions and words are not in opposition to what we teach our children — that Biblical moral behavior benefits all and hurts none.

The children participate in the mid-week Chapel and worship service, and the prayers before classes. There is also the Pledge of Allegiance and to the Bible, the American flag, and Christian flag recited every school morning. The introduction of the anti-bullying programs, and the workshops, that promotes students’ academic, social, moral and financial well-being.

Finally, where else in Harford County can you get the rare combination of more than 70 years of experience in Christian education as reflected by Pastor John Austin and Mrs. Patty Ree, Lower School Director.

Mr. & Mrs. Oguh
TLCS Parents

The Ruehl's
The Ruehl’s

We have been a part of the Trinity family for over 12 years. All three of our daughters have been blessed to attend a school that mimics the values and Christian beliefs that we stress at home. We truly love the school. It has been a great fit for our family.

The Ruehl’s



The Glascock Family
The Glascock Family

We have been blessed to have had both of our children enrolled in Trinity’s Early Learning Center. The teachers create a child center learning environment that is positive, nurturing, and engaging. It has been an amazing experience to witness both of our children fall in love with learning and grow emotionally and spiritually as well. Trinity has become an important extension of our family.

The Glascock Family




Rusty and Maria Dugan, TLCS Parents
Rusty & Maria Dugan, TLCS Parents

Our children are finishing their fourth year at Trinity. Caiden is completing the third grade and Karissa is finishing sixth grade. Almost four years ago we knew that we wanted more for our children. We knew that they needed more academically, as well as, spiritually. Because Trinity has smaller class sizes, I believe that Karissa and Caiden have thrived in what they have learned the past four years. The teachers have been able to really get to know our children because of the small class sizes. I feel that the teachers are able to individualize and embrace the strengths and needs of the students. Karissa has received the acknowledgement she needed as a proficient reader and creative writer. Caiden has received the acknowledgement he needed as a student who is creative and thinks outside the box. The teachers have taken the time to know our children.

Karissa and Caiden enjoy attending Trinity and are fond of many of the teachers and staff. Karissa and Caiden have been a part of 21st Century Learning which includes collaboration, problem solving, innovation, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. This is so important. We feel that the environment at Trinity is student centered and there is a positive atmosphere most of the time for learning. When issues have come up, Mrs. Ree has been steadfast in helping to resolve matters. Mrs. Ree truly cares about the students and families. The sixth grade team of teachers has been incredible!

Karissa and Caiden have grown the past two years in their Christian education. We want our children to know and love the Lord. We want them to grow in their faith, and Trinity is doing an amazing job in this area. A few years back, Caiden was in a scary situation. He was not able to get back into a certain area of a building because the doors locked. When he finally solved the problem, he told me that he knew that if he couldn’t solve the problem, he was going to ask God for help because he knew that God would help him. This really hit home for me. Caiden is learning to reach out to God in good times and bad. Karissa made the comment that God doesn’t care about what we look like on the outside, but He cares more about how we look on the inside. Comments like these are showing us that a Christian education truly matters.

We are blessed that Karissa and Caiden attend Trinity. No institution is perfect, but we feel that at Trinity Karissa and Caiden are receiving a remarkable academic and Christian education. We thank the teachers who have been in our children’s lives the past four years!

Rusty & Maria Dugan
TLCS Parents

The time spent at TLCS has been incredibly rewarding and valuable for our family. The friendships our children made with classmates have become long lasting, meaningful friendships. The rigorous academic program challenges students but provides a strong foundation for honors and AP as well as Magnet High School courses. Extra-curricular opportunities unique to TLCS such as drama, band, Junior Honor Society, sports teams,student government and Black Rock Retreat are phenomenal added benefits. Most importantly, the teachers Christ-centered love and instruction based on Christian morals are evident. Sending our children to TLCS for Kindergarten through Eighth grade was the best decision for our children’s education and future.

The Rawlett Family