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Help Us Grow

Dear Trinity Family,
When we ask how people heard about TLCS, 85% to 90% of the people said they heard about Trinity Lutheran Christian School from a friend.  Word of mouth is our best form of advertising.

You are our best resource in spreading the good news about how TLCS is training minds and transforming lives to engage the world with Christ.

If you know anyone who may possibly find Trinity Lutheran Christian School to be a good fit for their families, please let us know.  Full enrollment benefits everyone in our school and community; most importantly helps bring more children to spiritual maturity.

If you know of anyone who is concerned about the education of their child, encourage them to schedule a Free Educational Success Consultation.  Our passion is to help parents meet the educational needs of their child by providing a holistic educational program which places emphasis on the development of the whole student’s mind, body and spirit.  This is a high quality academic and Christian education through a curriculum rooted in a God-Centered view of life which holds God’s truth as the standard for all truth.

The TLCS student is recognized for their Christian Character and they normally score 2-4 grades above their grade level on the Terra Nova Test.

We believe that Christian education is an important investment that establishes the foundation for a Christ-Centered worldview during the formative years.  We pray we can reach more children for Christ.