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Playgrounds and Athletic Fields

Trinity’s “Two’s/Preschool Playground”

The Toddler Playground used by our 2’s and preschool is attached and directly adjacent to our Early Learning Center facility. The playground consists of a paved area for use in inclement weather and for toys with wheels. The other section of the playground features age appropriate play equipment. This truly is a fun place to play and develop physical skills.

Trinity’s “Big Playground”

Our Big Playground, as we call it, features the most modern play equipment. It is safe, yet fun and challenging to our Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 4 students. The left side of the playground is devoted to Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten, while the right side of the playground is devoted to the Lower School. Play safety is always a priority.

Trinity’s “Athletic Field”

Our Athletic Field accommodates a full size soccer game. The field is used for soccer, softball, track, Field Day, Walk-A-Thon activities and much more while providing a wonderful space for recess and gym classes.